Thursday, 26 September 2019

Report documents violence in West Papua

The Uniting Church in Australia has co-signed a report that was sent to six special procedures of the UN Human Rights Council regarding recent violent crackdowns of anti-racism demonstrations in Papua and West Papua, Indonesia.

Local churches have documented that during one demonstration in Deiyai Regency, at least eight indigenous Papuans were killed and more than 50 protestors sustained serious injuries when security forces fired into the crowd using live ammunition.

The report urges HRC special procedures to enter into communication with the Indonesian Government about holding perpetrators accountable and respecting freedom of association and peaceful assembly.

Since this report was written the Uniting Church has been aware of ongoing violence and loss of life in West Papua.

The Uniting Church believes Australia’s proximity and trade ties with Indonesia give us a particular responsibility to promote justice, dialogue and stronger human rights protections in our region.  Our church’s commitment to promoting human rights in Papua and West Papua were expressed in the recent publication Our Vision for a Just Australia.

The report was written by the International Coalition for Papua, an international partnership of faith-based and civil society organisations addressing the serious human rights condition in West Papua and supporting peaceful solutions to conflict.

Organisations who have signed the Report

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