Tuesday, 07 January 2020

Disaster Chaplaincy updates

The Assembly's National Disaster Recovery Officer Rev. Dr Stephen Robinson is providing regular updates on disaster chaplaincy responses to bushfire and heatwave emergencies across Australia. In a number of states of Australia, the UCA and its agencies coordinate ecumenical and interfaith chaplaincy for state governments. Uniting Church ministers are front and centre of what is historically the largest scale chaplaincy response on record.

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Tuesday 31 December - President's Appeal For Prayer

 As #bushfires continue to rage across NSW, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia President Dr Deidre Palmer has asked Uniting Church members to pray and take practical action to comfort family and friends of those who have died or lost their homes. 

Tuesday 31 December - New Year Bushfires Chaplaincy Update:

 As we mark the New Year in Australia, many people in the southeast of our country continue to suffer the effects of unprecedented #bushfires.

More lives have tragically been lost and more homes destroyed. 

Please keep those who’ve been affected, our disaster chaplains and the people they care for in your prayers.

Monday 2 December - Southern NSW Bushfires Chaplaincy Update:

 It's officially Summer in Australia. After two weeks of milder conditions, bushfires have flared again, this time in southern NSW. 

National Disaster Recovery Officer Rev Dr Stephen Robinson has recorded an update.

Thursday 21 November - SA Bushfires Chaplaincy Update:

Disaster chaplains in South Australia were called into action when bushfires broke out on the Yorke Peninsula on 20 November.

The Assembly's National Disaster Recovery Officer Rev. Dr Stephen Robinson spoke to Wendy Perkins, Disaster and Recovery Ministries Coordinator at the SA Synod to get an update on the chaplaincy reponse.

Check out their Conversation Here

Wednesday 20 November - NSW, Qld and SA Disaster Chaplaincy Update:

Fires are still burning across NSW and Queensland and there are catastrophic fire weather conditions across South Australia. 

Rev. Dr Stephen Robinson says 42 chaplains in the NSW Disaster Recovery Chaplaincy Network have now given over 1000 chaplaincy hours in response to the bushfires - a level of response that is many times bigger than any previous disaster. 

Friday 15 November - NSW and Qld Fires Update:

Rev. Dr Stephen Robinson gives a chaplaincy update from NSW and Qld, with an account of the response at evacuation centres in Lismore, NSW from Rev. Alimoni Taumoepeau. 


Monday 11 November - NSW and Qld Fires with UCA President Dr Deidre Palmer: 

Uniting Church President Dr Deidre Palmer has recorded a pastoral message with Assembly National Disaster Recovery Officer Rev Dr Stephen Robinson on the bushfires in NSW and Queensland.

For those seeking to support Uniting Church disaster recovery work, the National Disaster Relief Fund is there to help disaster-hit communities for the long term, for those who want to access or donate.

The NSW/ACT and Queensland Synods have also announced Moderators appeals for fire-affected communities.