Thursday, 19 December 2019

Christmas messages 2019

The President of the Uniting Church in Australia Dr Deidre Palmer has urged Australians to work together for life on Earth in a Christmas message focused on environmental themes.

“Jesus calls us to be agents of the love and care that he embodies. This call leads us to work compassionately for the life of our planet as well as the flourishing of all people,” said Dr Palmer in her 2019 Christmas message.

The annual video message features Uniting Church members taking part in September’s Global Climate Strike, drought-stricken farmers being cared for by Uniting Church agency Frontier Services, and coverage of Dr Palmer’s 2019 Uniting Church President’s conference in Nadi, Fiji.

Dr Palmer says young Australians expect action for the common good.

“Over the past year, children and young people have led us in expressing their concern for the life of our Earth,” said Dr Palmer.

“They are calling for all of us to work together to respond to the environmental devastation that is having tragic consequences in many parts of our world.

“The Uniting Church joins these voices of young and older people in calling for action.

“As we work together, life-giving and life-restoring transformation becomes possible.

“Together may we be part of the processes of healing and renewal that Christ is bringing to the world,” said Dr Palmer.

The President's video message is available for download and congregations are encouraged to share it with their communities.

The message also has closed captions in nine different community languages: Arabic, Armenian, Chinese, Fijian, Indonesian, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese and Tongan.

Rev. Simon Hansford

Queensland Synod
Rev. David Baker


SA Synod
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Northern Synod
Rev. Thresi Mauboy

WA Synod
Rev Steve Francis

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