Monday, 13 July 2020

BYO Coffee

An invitation from the ARU team to join us on Zoom.


Monday 24 August 6:00 PM  
Monday 31 August 6:00 PM  
Thursday 3 September 6:00PM  
Monday 7 September 6:00PM  
Thursday 17 September 6:00PM  
Monday 21 September 6: 00PM  

 COVID-19 has impacted us all differently, but for many in ministry across the Church it’s been a challenging time, and it’s not over yet.

Many in ministry have experienced their workload double as they master new tech skills on the run and learn how to do worship and ministry in a completely different way. With the extraordinary effort of keeping communities connected virtually and pastorally, and with so much logistical planning around the return to worship, it’s no wonder some of us feel exhausted.

For many it’s been a time of deep thinking about mission and identity, and you might like the chance to share that thinking with others, including the Assembly team. Or perhaps it’s nothing to do with COVID but there’s an issue you’ve been wanting to share with someone from the Assembly, or a question you have and you’re wondering whether the Uniting Church nationally has a perspective to share.

The Assembly Resourcing Unit (ARU) is offering the opportunity to for people to check in with others across the Church in the company of national Assembly leaders from the ARU team.

It will be a time to listen, lotu (pray) and cinta (love) one another with the gift of being present.

At each session two members of the ARU team will be present. Bring your own cup of coffee or other preferred beverage.

ARU Team Members present across the sessions:

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Join us by logging into Zoom on the following link