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Wednesday, 27 November 2002

UCA President participates in Balinese healing and peace vigil

Christian churches will unite in Kuta, Bali on Friday 29th November 2002 in a vigil for peace and healing in the wake of Bali bomb blasts on 12 th October 2002.

The service will demonstrate a commitment by international churches to supporting the local community and assisting in the re-establishment of Bali as safe place.

The president of the Uniting Church in Australia, Rev Professor James Haire and Rev John Barr, Acting Director of Unity and International Mission, Uniting Church in Australia, will participate.

Professor Haire condemns the terrorist attacks that took place on 12 th October and he expresses his deep concern for the whole of Indonesia where fear and terror are daily realities.

Professor Haire says the Uniting Church's participation in the vigil on 29th November "will demonstrate our solidarity with the people of Bali and Indonesia". "We must at all costs demonstrate our commitment to overcoming terror and supporting peace initiatives in Indonesia".

Professor Haire says the Uniting Church in Australia is involved in a long partnership with the Protestant Christian Church in Bali.

"We will not walk away from our friends in this time of crisis" says Professor Haire. "The people are suffering trauma and the impact on their way of life is serious as the economy declines. Australians have a responsibility to support our neighbours in this time of real crisis."

Media Contact:
Professor Haire will be back in Australia on Saturday 30th November and can be contacted on 0409363362 (mobile). He can also be contacted in Bali on +62 361 424862  or +62 361 730442 (hotel).