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Monday, 15 April 2002

Uniting Church joins buying group to save money for ministry

The National Assembly of the Uniting Church in Australia and the Synods have agreed to partner with the Catholic and Anglican churches to work through Church Resources Savings Plus for the provision of discounts on a wide range of goods and services.

Church Resources is a charitable trust that combines the buying power of Church institutions and its members to achieve substantial savings and improved levels of service.

The General Secretary of the National Assembly, Rev. Terence Corkin, said the partnership with Church Resources was significant in serving the best interests of the Uniting Church in Australia on a national basis.

"The combined purchasing volume of Church institutions (making them the largest non-government organisation in Australia) brings large discounts even for small entities. Even more, this relationship positions Church institutions to act in a planned and cost effective manner," said Rev. Corkin.

Church Resources now has a number of "Preferred Supplier" agreements in place for products and services of which the Uniting Church is able to take advantage.

The range includes photocopiers, telephone systems, travel, motor vehicles, office supplies, and more.

Father Michael Kelly, the CEO of Church Resources said, "Our enduring principle of operation is to be transparent. We pass all benefits on to Church institutions and individuals. We do not have shareholders, or need to pay a dividend."

"But we do have beneficiaries - the Churches of Australia - who receive all the savings we negotiate, short a declared fee for negotiating and administering the savings and service agreement, and a small portion which allows us to expand our mission."

The savings to the Churches are projected to be tens of millions of dollars, with the aim of saving money for many important ministries.

When making enquiries always ask for the Church Resources discount pricing. For additional information on products contact Church Resources on (02) 9439 2622 or visit www.churchresources.com.au or http://nat.uca.org.au/NCagreements

Working together to help Church organisations are:
Fr Michael Kelly (left), CEO, Church Resources; and Rev. Terence Corkin, General Secretary, National Assembly Uniting Church of Australia.


Media Contact: Martin Teulan, Phone: (02) 94392622