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Wednesday, 23 March 2005

President's Easter Message 2005

Jesus meeting with Pilate still haunts us. Already he is religiously expendable, set up in a show trial and before long he will be politically expendable, just another human casualty at the hands of those in power. He dares to say that his kingdom is the kingdom of truth, only to have Pilate dismiss him with the question “What is truth?”

On Good Friday, the Son of God is just another face in the crowd of those who have dreamed of what human life could be, a threat to those in charge and another voice that can be ignored.

Yet, on Easter Sunday the Risen Christ shakes all the principalities and powers that blind us with their visions of power and wealth. He is the act of a God who wants to liberate us with living words and authentic life that rings true.

Jesus had said before Pilate: “Everyone who belongs to the truth listens to my voice.”

In a time which values reason and argument and party, give us ears to hear those who speak the truth in the way of Christ.

“There is a voice I can trust.” In his company truth becomes shalom, peace; a peace with one another and a peace with God.

Rev Dean Drayton
President Uniting Church in Australia

Rev Drayton is available for interview on request