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Uniting Church in Australia Assembly - News

Coolamon College hopes to join Adelaide College of Divinity and move to Adelaide.

Coolamon College, the Uniting Church's specialist provider of distance theological education, has issued a request to become a constituent member of Adelaide College of Divinity (ACD) from the beginning of 2003. Located in Brisbane, Coolamon College would move to Adelaide if the link with ACD happens.

"Productive negotiations have occurred towards the achievement of this goal," said Revd Philip Marshall, President of ACD. "The ACD has received the request from Coolamon College with enthusiasm. We are working to achieve a satisfactory agreement in the near future."

Coolamon College, an agency of the National Assembly of the Uniting Church, aims "to make accessible quality theological education to adults who otherwise do not have the opportunity to participate". The College views the link with ACD and move to Adelaide as a strategic positioning for future ministry.

"ACD has been specifically chosen by Coolamon College because of its range of awards, ecumenical approach, university link and focus on the ministry needs of students," affirmed Revd Dr Anita Monro, Acting Principal of Coolamon College. Adelaide College of Divinity also forms the School of Theology for Flinders University.

The Uniting Church's National Assembly Standing Committee has approved the proposal for Coolamon College to link with Adelaide College of Divinity and move to Adelaide sometime in 2003.

The Uniting Church's Synod of South Australia has also welcomed the proposed move. The recent Council of Synod meeting made a commitment to the future provision of services to Coolamon College, and funding support for transitional costs.

"SA Synod fully supports the request by Coolamon College," said SA General Secretary, Stuart Cameron. "Coolamon College would join the Synod's College, Parkin Wesley, in a significant partnership for the Uniting Church as well as for ACD."

Current constituent members of ACD are Parkin-Wesley College (UCA), St Barnabus' Theological College (Anglican), Catholic Theological College and Nungalinya College (Ecumenical). The Churches of Christ are an associate member of ACD.


Media Contact: Revd Dr Anita Monro, Acting Principal, Coolamon College, Phone: 07 3377 9940

Representatives of the peak national Christian, Jewish and Muslim bodies - the National Council of Churches of Australia, the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, and the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, met in Sydney last week to discuss ways in which the three groups can work together to build bridges of understanding and cooperation for a better, fairer Australia.

One Muslim delegate said, "We have a golden opportunity in Australia to move forward with good intentions." All delegates shared a desire to promote and educate for justice and peace. They agreed to meet on a regular basis, to discuss ideas, to break down stereo-types and caricatures that exist in the community and to consider possible joint action.

The second of two planning meetings bringing together delegates from the three national faith communities, the meeting took place in the offices of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils in Sydney's Zetland. Delegates also visited the Mosque in the Centre and were present during the afternoon prayers, and discussed ways in which Muslims practise their faith.

The meeting was co-chaired by Jeremy Jones, President of the ExecutiveCouncil of Australian Jewry, and Reverend John Henderson, General Secretary of the National Council of Churches of Australia. Mr Amjad Mehboob, the Chief Executive Officer of AFIC, led the Muslim delegation.

Other participants in the meeting were: Sheikh Amin Hady, Mr Muhammad Khan, Rabbi Jeffrey Kamins, Sister Trish Madigan, Mr Hafez Malas, Mr Yair Miller, Ms Peta Pellach, Mr Kuranda Seyfi Seyit and Ms Wendie Wilkie.

Media Contacts:
Amjad Mehboob Chief Executive Officer, Australian Federation of Islamic Councils ph: 0408 234 434
John Henderson General Secretary, National Council of Churches in Australia ph: (02) 9299 2215 Or 0419 224 935
Jeremy Jones President, Executive Council of Australian Jewry (02) 9360 1600

Key leaders of the Uniting Church in Australia have expressed their anger and outrage over the Australian Government's vote against the United Nations anti-torture protocol.

Rev Professor James Haire, National President of the Uniting Church said, "By voting against the draft optional protocol to the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, the Government has severely compromised Australia's right to speak out against cruelty and torture around the world.

"They have aligned our country with some of the most questionable regimes around the world.

"There is now a moral vacuum in this country. When the government of the day actually votes against a measure to eliminate torture, we have hit an all time low. I can't believe it.

"I never thought I would see the day when Australia would be giving comfort to those with the mentality of the Dark Ages who use electric shocks, branding irons and sharp blades to administer pain to their fellow human beings," he said.

The Rev Elenie Poulos, Director of Social Justice and Responsibility said, "The Uniting Church is proud of Australia's good record of advocating on behalf of those who suffer cruel and torturous treatment at the hands of authoritarian regimes. We spoke out when our neighbours in East Timor suffered at the hands of the Indonesian military. We spoke out against apartheid in South Africa. How will we be able to speak out now and what right will we have do so?

"Australia's proud record in human rights has suffered a terrible blow.
"Our right to speak for the well-being of all people has been compromised and traded for the right to ke the UN out of our detention centres. We can only assume the Government has something to hide.

"To be a moral and responsible member of any community includes accepting some level of accountability to that community. By refusing to be accountable, the Federal Government has placed our country outside the bounds of international law. At what cost to our nation's reputation and good-standing does the Government continue to maintain the arrogant stance that no-one has a right to tell us what to do?"

In reply to the government line that it was not in Australia's strategic interest Professor Haire said: "How could it be in our national interest not to stamp out torture? This is a vote of shame".

MediaContact:  Kim Cain, Media Liaison 0419 373 123


Uniting Church Frontier Services has appointed Rev John Case as Patrol Minister to provide a ministry of physical and spiritual support to people living in remote parts of South West Queensland.

Mr Case took over the Burke and Wills Patrol from retiring Patrol Minister, Brian Henman, in July.

The Charleville-based patrol covers an area of some 320,000 square kilometers that stretches west to Birdsville and includes part of the north-east corner of South Australia.

Although a minister of the Uniting Church, Mr Case will undertake an ecumenical ministry
to people from a wide range of Christian traditions. He's expecting to conduct baptisms, weddings, funerals and ecumenical worship services. In addition to this, Mr Case expects to be spending a great deal of time on the road visiting individuals and families in remote stations and settlements and lending a hand wherever he can.

"The role of a Uniting Church Patrol Minister is very hands on", said Mr Case. "My role is to be available to support people in whatever way I can - to share their joys and concerns and provide emotional and spiritual counsel as it is needed. No matter whether the needs are great or small, one thing I hope to achieve with all I meet, is to simply extend the hand of care and friendship. That's the vision that Rev John Flynn (Flynn of the Inland) had when he set out on his first outback patrols in 1912. If I can earn people's trust and be a help in some small way, then I will feel I am making a difference and my ministry is worthwhile."

Frontier Services has 18 Patrol Padres throughout the country, who together travel a combined distance of over 1 million kilometres each year. They reach more than 80% of the Australian continent and provide care and support to more than 15,000 isolated families and individuals. The patrol regions reach from Cape York to Central Australia and the West Coast of Tasmania.

Media Contact: David Sullivan - National Development Manager
Phone: 0407 276 796 or (02) 8267 4247
Interviews can be arranged upon request.

Tuesday, 27 August 2002

Coolamon College will move in 2003

Coolamon College will become a constituent member of Adelaide College of Divinity (ACD) in 2003. The national office of the College will re-locate to Adelaide at the end of 2003.

"Being part of ACD and co-located on the ACD site opens up some important new partnership possibilities for us, as well as a whole range of new study options for our students," said Revd Dr Anita Monro, Acting Principal of Coolamon.

"2003 will be a year of transition for us," she continued. "We will need to consider many students' programs individually to assess their best options for completing awards. Delaying the office re-location to the end of 2003 will give us time to make the administrative move."

New students with Coolamon for accredited award programs in 2003 will commence with ACD. Some existing students will complete their programs with Brisbane College of Theology or Sydney College of Divinity, and others will transfer into ACD programs.

On 1 January 2003, Coolamon College also celebrates its 10th anniversary as the Uniting Church's national provider of distance theological education. For the first 10 years of the College's life, the Uniting Church's Queensland Synod has provided substantial support.

"It's great that on Coolamon's 10th anniversary, the college is taking such a significant step for its future ministry," endorsed Revd Terence Corkin, General Secretary of the Uniting Church's National Assembly. "The Assembly acknowledges the extensive support given by the Queensland Synod during the first 10 years of the College's life, and looks forward to the new partnership relationship with South Australia through Coolamon College."

Current constituent members of ACD are Parkin-Wesley College (UCA), St Barnabus' Theological College (Anglican), Catholic Theological College and Nungalinya College (Ecumenical). Parkin-Wesley, St Barnabus' and Catholic Theological College are co-located on the Adelaide Theological Colleges Campus site at Brooklyn Park, Adelaide, SA. ACD also forms the School of Theology for Flinders University.

Media contact: Rev. Dr Anita Monro, Acting Principal ph: 07 3377 9940

Christian churches will unite in Kuta, Bali on Friday 29th November 2002 in a vigil for peace and healing in the wake of Bali bomb blasts on 12 th October 2002.

The service will demonstrate a commitment by international churches to supporting the local community and assisting in the re-establishment of Bali as safe place.

The president of the Uniting Church in Australia, Rev Professor James Haire and Rev John Barr, Acting Director of Unity and International Mission, Uniting Church in Australia, will participate.

Professor Haire condemns the terrorist attacks that took place on 12 th October and he expresses his deep concern for the whole of Indonesia where fear and terror are daily realities.

Professor Haire says the Uniting Church's participation in the vigil on 29th November "will demonstrate our solidarity with the people of Bali and Indonesia". "We must at all costs demonstrate our commitment to overcoming terror and supporting peace initiatives in Indonesia".

Professor Haire says the Uniting Church in Australia is involved in a long partnership with the Protestant Christian Church in Bali.

"We will not walk away from our friends in this time of crisis" says Professor Haire. "The people are suffering trauma and the impact on their way of life is serious as the economy declines. Australians have a responsibility to support our neighbours in this time of real crisis."

Media Contact:
Professor Haire will be back in Australia on Saturday 30th November and can be contacted on 0409363362 (mobile). He can also be contacted in Bali on +62 361 424862  or +62 361 730442 (hotel).



Speaking from Bali this week, the President of the Uniting Church in Australia, Rev Professor James Haire, says that “I am deeply troubled by the obvious impact the Bali bombings are having on the local community.”

“People are in desperate trouble”, says Professor Haire. “They are traumatised by recent events and as many as 80% of Bali’s population are in some way dependent on tourism.” After visiting the bomb site on Jalan Legian and travelling around the tourist district, Professor Haire says “Kuta is like a ghost town. Local Balinese have no income and future is very bleak. This situation will continue to get worse while tourists stay away.”

Professor Haire is in Bali to participate in a special joint church service this evening, Friday 29th November 2002. The service will focus on healing and peace in Bali. Up to 5,000 people will meet in Bali’s cultural centre in Denpasar and the occasion will involve the Governor of Bali, the Protestant and Catholic Bishops of Bali together with the President of the Uniting Church in Australia.

“I am here to support the local Balinese church and the local Balinese community”, says Professor Haire. “It is vital this community knows that the church in Australia and the church around the world supports them in their time of crisis.”

While possible threats remain and the Australian Government is warning people against travel to Bali and Indonesia, Professor Haire says we must not overlook the plight of the Balinese people. “Bali has been a significant holiday destination for Australians over many years and the Balinese have been great hosts.

“We must never forget this.”

Professor Haire is available for comment today in Bali on his mobile phone (+61 409363362) or tomorrow in Sydney (0409363362).

The National President of the Uniting Church in Australia, Rev. Professor James Haire, today condemned the Australian Government for its “own pre-emptive strike” by sending troops the Middle East.

“This move pre-empts the Australian people, the Australian Parliament and the United Nations,” Professor Haire said.

“It is a move that takes us further from peace and closer to war.

“The Australian people have not been consulted nor has our Parliament had a chance to debate the issue. The UN Security Council has not yet reported and nothing new has occurred for Australia to ratchet up its military response.

“The Christian message is one of peace and human dignity for all. Jesus urged us to be peacemakers.

“Peace-making is hard work and not for the impatient, but the alternatives being offered to us at the moment will only lead to despair, hatred, fear and death.”

“Another war lead by the so-called ‘Christian West’ will only add a new layer of enmity in the Middle East producing another 50 years of instability and death.

“In the meantime the Uniting Church will pray for the safety of our troops, including our defence force chaplains. And we will pray for peace.”

Media Contact: Kim Cain, Media Liaison 0419 373 123
James Haire is available for media interviews