Messages of support from overseas

Messages from around the world from times of disaster.

United Church of Christ, USA 

Wanted you to know that we’re thinking of you during these terrible fires. You’ll all be in our prayers in the days ahead. 

Rev Lydia Veliko
Ecumenical Officer
United Church of Christ

Greetings from Cleveland!

It is our serious concern and certainly in our prayers about bushfires in Australia.  The One Great Hour Sharing decided to donated $5,000 to Uniting Church for its relief work. May God bless you and your ministries!
Rev Dr Xiaoling Zhu
Area Executive for East Asia and the Pacific
Common Global Ministries Board of
Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and United Church of Christ

United Church of Canada 

We in the United Church of Canada have our brothers and sisters in Australia in our thoughts and prayers, as we hear the reports about the terrible fires in the State of Victoria.

I am sure that this must be a challenging time for your church as you care for the victims and their families and all who are affected in any way. We are thinking of you.

Noraora Sanders
General Secretary
United Church of Canada

Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu

We in PCV are concern and pray for this dreadful bushfire in Australia. Please let us know the effect of this bushfire on the lives of your people.
Kalsakau Urtalo

Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga 


The General Secretary of the Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga, the Rev Dr Ahio, has asked me to convey the sadness, support and prayers of the Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga, and the people of Tonga, for Australians affected by the bushfires.

Dr Ahio included a call for people in Tonga to pray for affected communities on Tonga national radio this morning.

Rev Kerry Enright
National Director


Indonesian Christian Church - Regional Synod West Java


Warm greetings in Christ from Jakarta.

I am watching sadly from media the bushfire in Victoria – NSW which took so many lifes. I feel as if the fire flaring also around us and I’ve been thinking how many families mourning for their loves one. I am thinking about trauma and pasca-trauma pastoral from Uniting church to victim’s family. I am certain that this service will do a good consolation for the families to see again that God is their best and powerful stronghold in these days and time to come.

We in Jakarta and West Java are doing the same service for victims of floods. It is odd reality to comprehend that Victoria has bushfire and Jakarta has floods, but in all of these we have to find our best to help and pray.

Please accept our deep sympathy for this tragedy. We are praying that the bushfire will end ASAP.

Yours sincerely

Rev Kuntadi Sumadikarya
GKI West Java Synod


Church of North India


Dear Friends

We were shocked to learn about the devastating bush fire in Australia that has already destroyed so many innocent lives, property and vegetation. I have seen many jungle fires in India but what we saw happening in Australia on the television was something we could never imagine. We are praying for God's protection for you all. May the fire cease and destroy no more.


Bishop P.K.Samantaroy
Amritsar Diocese
Church of North India


Sudan Council of Churches 


Sorry, we are watching on the TV news the destruction caused by the wild fire in Australia, I pray that the Lord holds the people of Australia firmly in His comforting hands and strengthen their love, and hope for His everlasting life upon the souls of the loved ones we have lost in this tragic fire. We will continue to pray for their souls and relatives & friends who have lost their loved ones. God bless you.

Sister in Christ

Gladys Dommy Mananyu
Sudan Council of Churches


Presbyterian Church in Taiwan


Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ

The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT) General Assembly officers and staff convey our sincere condolences and deepest sympathy to your people and nation in the face of the devastating disasters caused by multiple fires in Victoria the recent days.

We especially lift up in prayer those who have lost loved ones, for all who are in shock and mourning, for the thousands who are injured and have lost their homes, for the rescue and relief workers and for on going protection.  We pray for wisdom for all the government and aid agencies as they assess and plan the emergency relief and long term care in the weeks and months ahead.

National tragedies and calamities as we well know from Taiwan’s experiences, are never easy to grasp and understand in human terms.  As a people of faith we are thankful and humble that we can cry to God in our pain, sorrow and fear.

6 Every one helps his neighbour, and says to his kin, “Take courage!”  10 fear not, for I am with you, be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my victorious right hand.  Isaiah 41:6; 10 RSV

May the Lord of compassion comfort your nation and be a source of strength to all your church members as you walk besides those who hurt.

Sincerely yours 

Rev Asing Aman
Moderator, 53rd General Assembly 
Rev Chang Te-Chien (Andrew)
PCT General Secretary
Presbyterian Church in Taiwan

With concern we continued to follow the news updates of the devastating bush fires in Victoria. From the pictures we have seen we fully realise that the recovery and rehabilitation process will take several years and will leave indelible scars on lives and also the land.
This note comes to inform you the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT) felt moved to respond in kind; thus as an expression of our concern and condolences for the victims, your nation and church we present this small love gift via our Church and Society Committee.
Today (25/02/09) our finance office completed the process for a direct wire transfer to the Uniting Church in Australia Disaster Relief Fund for the amount of US$5,000. Please arrange for the money to be passed on through the UCA channels to Victoria.
We pray the Lord will continue to strengthen and comfort all who mourn and all who strive to help them through this difficult journey.
Sincerely in Christ
Rev Chang Te-Chien (Andrew)
PCT General Secretary


Christian Conference of Asia 


Dear Sisters and Brothers in Australia

There are no words to express our grief with you, as you face terror and pain in this time of great tragedy. Witnessing your loss and tears, in silence and from afar, we express our deepest solidarity and offer our prayers to the people of Australia. Being your brothers and sisters, we cannot help but own your pain and comfort each other.

We see your resilience and strong faith in God and in your selves. The solidarity displayed amongst the Australian people cannot be missed. Without doubt you will surmount the circumstances and rise again full of hope. Always remember we are with you.

May Christ comfort you and continue to nurture your hope.

Very sincerely yours

In behalf of the CCA members and staff

Dr Prawate Khid-Arn
General Secretary
Christian Conference of Asia

Dear Ecumenical Friends

It is with grief and pain I write this letter to you to convey our solidarity to you and to those who mourn the loss of their loved ones and whatever belonged to them. We have seen many of the gruesome pictures and shocked to know that things of this nature can happen in this day and age. Australians are part of the CCA family and when it hurts them it hurts the entire CCA family. Please convey our message of solidarity to the members of your congregations and specially to those who have personally experienced pain and grief as a result of the ongoing catastrophe. Please be assured that all of you are in our thoughts and prayers.

We also wish to know in what way we can be of assistance to you at this moment of pain and despair.

With peace and blessings

Rev Dr Rienzie Perera
Associate General Secretary
Christian Conference of Asia


Methodist Church of New Zealand


The President of the Methodist Church of New Zealand, Rev Jill Van de Geer, is launching an appeal throughout the NZ church for donations to be made to our Uniting Church appeal. They will collect the NZ donations centrally, and forward them to the VicTas Synod over the next weeks.


Ekalesia K Niue 


Greetings from Niue in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I would like to convey our deepest condolences to all families who have lost loved ones and properties in the Victoria fire. We watch live the ABC news every day and it has been a very saddened and heartbreaking experience to see and hear all the events of the fire. We can only pray to God for everlasting comfort and love for those affected one way or another, and we will continue to pray for them and the Australian people as a whole.

We will also pray for you as a Church leader, the clergy and offices for the task of comforting, counselling and praying for the bereaved families. The Spirit works in you for His people.

God Bless

From the President of Ekalesia K Niue, Ministers, Elders and people of Niue.

Kia Monuina


Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand


In recent days New Zealanders have seen the deeply disturbing images of the devastation caused by the bush fires in Australia, including the tragic loss of so many lives.

I want to convey to you the solidarity and prayerful support of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand with and for the people of Australia. Numerous people from within our Church, including folk in our rural ministry network, have contacted me to express sentiments along these lines.

Please be assured of our prayers for the many victims of the bushfires, for those who are fighting so valiantly to bring the fires under control, and for the ministry of the UCA and its fellow churches in providing pastoral care and other practical support during this awful tragedy.

We are mindful, too, of the floods in Queensland and the damage and destruction being experienced there. The victims of that natural disaster are also in our prayers.

With warm regards in Christ’s name

Graham Redding
Moderator of the General Assembly
New Zealand