List of materials for specific times of disaster and hardship

Following is a list of materials that have been used for prayer during specific times of disaster and hardship.

General Resources

Carrying Rainbows of Hope: Liturgical resources for use after disasters and personal tragedies.

Carrying Rainbows of Hope: Liturgical resources for use after disasters and personal tragedies was produced in 2003 by the National Disaster Fund Trust Committee. Collated and edited by Rev Philip Liebelt, the 178-page book (produced here in PDF format) includes many resources for use after bushfires; and for communities in shock. We hope you find it useful in such a significant time of need.

In Remembrance: post disaster rituals and symbols.

From the people of South Sydney UC, to all those who suffer in the drought.

A Liturgy for a community in shock and grief

The Value of Life: a liturgy remembering workers who died from occupational accidents

Victorian Bushfires (2009)

Word Document Life after the fires (Liturgy by Rev. Dorothy McRae-McMahon)

Word DocumentIn the grieving: after the fires  (Liturgy by Rev. Dorothy McRae-McMahon) 

Liturgies after Bushfires

The attachment below is a letter from the President of the Assembly to all congregations of the Uniting Church in Australia, detailing the UCA's Victorian Bushfires Appeal, and how congregations could play a part.

Download the President's letter

The hymn below was written by Shirley Murray for the Australian people in the aftermath of the Victorian bushfires. It is to be sung to the tune of Now thank we all our God (TIS 106). We hope that this hymn may provide comfort and strength during this time.

Memorial Hymn

Global Financial Crisis (2008-09)

Bali Bombings, 2002

Terrorism moved closer to home on Saturday 12 October, 2002, when a bomb destroyed two crowded clubs in Bali, killing many Australians. The UCA hurried into action and prepared numerous resources for use in the aftermath of the tragedy.

Worship resources

Grieving our Violence — Bali
Rev Dorothy McCrae-McMahon

Memorial service for the victims of the Bali tragedy — Order of Service

A collection of resources and hyms

Bruce Prewer

Other letters, articles, statements and information

UCA President's Pastoral Letter

Media Release from the UCA President

Information from UIM, 16 October 2002

Letter from the Protestant Christian Church in Bali

Letter from the Christian Evangelical Church in Minahasa

Letter from the Uniting Churches in the Netherlands

September 11, 2001

Prayer Service
Prepared by the Centre for Concern, Washington DC

Reflection Poem

This poem was written by Jean Mayers as a reflection on the Victorian bushfires and God's presence throughout this period of devastation. We hope that Uniting Church members and congregations can reflect upon it and gain comfort from it.

Burning Issue

The wound so deep
- a grey-green jagged shard of pain
rips through my soul,
my heart,
my very brain.

The world stands still
-so much unreal
I crumple
on a desert isle of disbelief

spinning wildly
powerless desperation;
I wonder weakly
'Where is God in this
-in this insane configuration?
My God, can I believe
you know,
or care at all?'

A cloud of silence
-mother's milk of love
permeates and stills my soul.
"My child,
I share your pain
and weep beside you.
I am your comfort,
ever-present strength
in all of this.

"Lean on me now
-release your burden
and I will hold you
lest you fall."

Jean Mayers