Key Papers

The papers here cover faith, religion and spirituality in contemporary society; recognition of ordained ministries; strategies for ministry; and mission and evangelism in the Australian context. 

The Mission Folio is made up of various papers produced as a result of experience and reflection on particular aspects of mission and evangelism in the Australian context.

The Assembly has asked its agency Theology and Discipleship to investigate ‘spirituality’.

Spirituality is a term being used widely now. Its use seems to have grown in opposition to a materialist and technical view of life. It draws upon relational and ecological dimensions, often appealing to indigenous, and now pagan, traditions.

Since the massive contribution of David Bosch, it has been abundantly clear that mission is never the mission of the church. Mission is God’s , and we, the church are called to be the instruments or agents (not the exclusive agents however) of God’s mission in the world.

An exploration of the paradigm shift in western thinking, its impact on Christianity, spirituality and the ministry of spiritual direction by Rev. Joan Wright Howie (2009).

The 8th Assembly of the Uniting Church in Australia in 1997 proposed that mutual recognition of ordination be sought with the Anglican Church. The Assembly asked the General Synod of the Anglican Church "to agree to enter into an intentional dialogue with the Uniting Church, aimed at the mutual recognition of ministries".

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