What can I or my Congregation do to think about this topic?

The Assembly Standing Committee has approved the following set of resources - six short discussion starters we call "Doc.bytes" - to assist Church members and the wider public in their understanding of the underlying questions behind the 15th Assembly's decision on marriage.

Further readings

The Uniting Church was invited into a conversation about marriage in the 2015-218 Triennium of the 14th Assembly. The President at the time Stuart McMillan encouraged members to engage in respectful conversations. A process called Space for Grace was used by the Assembly to facilitate culturally appropriate conversations. This process has been written up for anyone to use in their own settings.

Other resources you might like to draw upon include the reports created along the path our Church has taken in its discussions on marriage and sexuality:

 Uniting Sexuality

 Discussion paper on Marriage

 Doctrine Working Group Report to 14th Assembly

 Standing Committee Report on Marriage and Same-Gender Relationships

 Translations of the Executive Summary of the Working Group on Doctrine Report on Marriage and Same-Gender Relationships

 Marriage and Same-Gender Relationships



Other resources


Sexuality in the New Testament: Understanding the key texts, William Loader. (SPCK 2010) (available via Mediacom)

 Space for Grace poster