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Assembly Working Group on Relations with Other Faiths

The Relations with Other Faiths Working Group seeks to promote knowledge and understanding of other living world faiths and their communities. Wherever possible, we will develop a commitment to respect the integrity of the beliefs of other faiths, cultures and traditions. This desire not only arises from our common humanity but also from a desire to live in peace and goodwill as neighbours in our communities and the world.


The Uniting Church is part of a multicultural and multireligious society. In 1985 the Uniting Church declared itself a multicultural church ‘acknowledging the changed and changing multicultural and multi-faith context of life and ministry in Australia and the presence of people from culturally diverse backgrounds in its membership'. In recognising the importance of interfaith relationships and the role of faith in creating and sustaining communities of peace, the Uniting Church Assembly established the Working Group on Relations with Other Faiths in 1989.

The Uniting Church recognises that as interfaith encounters continue, so too, does the challenge and call for fresh, new, intelligent articulation and expression of faith. 

In 2000, the statement Living with the Neighbour who is Different: Christian Faith in a Multi Religious World was presented to the 9th Assembly which adopted the following theological affirmations as primary values and guiding principles for the Uniting Church's relationship with people of other faiths:

  • God is calling us to engage in conversation with people of other faiths.
  • Christians are called to love the neighbour who is different.
  • God has placed the contemporary Church in an ideal situation to engage in genuine dialogue with those of other faiths.
  • God delights in diversity and seeks unity.
  • The Spirit is present in all of life.
  • The centrality of Jesus Christ in Christian believing is not to be compromised.

Operational Guidelines

The Relations with Other Faiths Working Group does its work within the mandate of Uniting Faith and Discipleship. Read more


Assembly Working Group on Relations with Other Faiths. Read more


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