Living with the Neighbour who is Different: Christian Faith in a Multi Religious World

This theological resource, prepared by Rev. Dr. Keith Rowe, was adopted by the 9th Assembly of the Uniting Church in Australia in 2000. Its guides the Uniting Church as it enters an increasingly diverse society where many faiths are practiced.

It offers the following theological affirmations as primary values and guiding principles for the Uniting Church's relationship with people of other faiths:

  • God is calling us to engage in conversation with people of other faiths.
  • Christians are called to love the neighbour who is different.
  • God has placed the contemporary Church in an ideal situation to engage in genuine dialogue with those of other faiths.
  • God delights in diversity and seeks unity.
  • The Spirit is present in all of life.
  • The centrality of Jesus Christ in Christian believing is not to be compromised.

Summary of Living with the Neighbour who is Different

Study Guides and Introductory Notes for Leaders
A resource for study groups exploringLiving with the Neighbour who is Different

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Friendship in the Presence of Difference: Christian Witness in Multifaith Australia

This is a follow up paper to Living with the Neighbour commended by the 13th Assembly of the Uniting Church in 2013. Mindful of the changed global context since 2000, Friendship in the Presence of Difference encourages UCA members and congregations to continue in the work of developing neighbourly relations with people within our multi-cultural society who are shaped by other faiths.

Friendship in the presence of difference is regarded as being a central Christian attitude and value. Engagement with those of other faiths is welcomed as a pathway on which we may rediscover the heart of the Christian way while also being enriched by wisdom others have to share. The paper makes reference to important issues of evangelism and pastoral care in a multi-faith society and affirms that if our society is to be built on firm and humane foundations the wisdom of the different faiths needs to be welcomed and engaged with at all levels of society.

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