Religions in Australia

The Uniting Church is a part of an increasingly multicultural and multifaith Australia. Christian witness in a multifaith Australia is about seeing all people as special gifts of God. When we engage with people of other faiths, we are open to learning how they think, believe, live and feel. This understanding deepens into trust, friendship and love.

Through this process, our own Christian identity is extended, enlarged and enriched by God's gift of the other.

Background and Statistics

Cultural Diversity in Australia - a report from the Australia Bureau of Statistics on the cultural and religious demographics of the Australian population. 
Freedom of Religion and Belief in the 21st Century -  a project of the Human Rights Commission, this paper researched and documents the general issues and concerns of religious and non-religious communities in Australia. 

Holy Days

One way to help build interfaith harmony and friendship is to send along your greetings to people of another faith when they are celebrating Holy Days or Festivals. The following is a non-exhaustive list of some key Holy Days along with an appropriate greeting for the occasion. Read more


This Glossary of Religious Terms is from P. Hughes and S. Bond Australia's Religious Communities Second Edition, Christian Research Association, Melbourne. Reprinted with permission. Read more

Major Religions in Australia

Below are links to the websites of key national organisations for many of the major religions in Australia, in order to gain information directly from those organisations.

Bahá'í Community of Australia

Brahma Kumaris
Brahma Kumaris Australia

Federation of Australian Buddhist Councils


Hindu Council of Australia

Australian National Imams Council 
Australian Federation of Islamic Councils
Grand Mufti of Australia

Executive Council of Australian Jewry Inc.

Sikh Council of Australia Inc.


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