Interfaith September 2015

Read about how some people celebrated Interfaith September in 2015. 

What is Interfaith September?

Building understanding and trust between people of different faiths is more important than ever.

In our communities, we are coming to terms with rising levels of fear and distrust of people of other faiths. However, our faith in Christ calls us to live in harmony with all people and so contribute to a world of peace, justice and hospitality.

Every September, Uniting Church members and congregations are encouraged to respond to this call by seeking out ways to foster understanding and co-operation with people of other faiths.

The Assembly Working Group on Relations with Other Faiths provides the Interfaith September resource to assist people on this journey.

Beginning on the first Sunday of the month, ‘Interfaith September Sunday’, we invite Uniting Church groups, congregations, and any interested individuals to begin conversations on how we relate with people of other faiths, and to explore ways to build interfaith harmony.

It is an invitation to hospitality, conversation and friendship with people of all faiths.

The resource below includes a week-by-week guide to the Lectionary based on four different interfaith themes and four video clips featuring people of different faiths. There is also a tool kit of ideas on how to host an interfaith event, a guide to dialogue and other interfaith resources. We encourage you to use and adapt these resources to suit your own needs.

We offer our sincere thanks to Rev. Dr Clive Pearson for his work in compiling what is an excellent worship resource for congregations during Interfaith September.

We welcome feedback and would love to hear about the ways you have participated in Interfaith September.

Wishing you an enriching journey ahead.

Rev. Michael Barnes
Convenor, Assembly Relations with other Faiths Working Group




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