Friday, 01 December 2017

The more hate we see, the more we must love

The Grand Mufti of Australia Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamad and the President of the Uniting Church in Australia Stuart McMillan have jointly condemned the horrific attack on worshippers at the al-Rawdah mosque in Egypt and lament the terrible loss of lives.

More than 300 people died as a result of a bomb ripping through the mosque as Friday prayers were finishing. The attackers then indiscriminately opened fire on those who were fleeing, including many children. 

Dr Ibrahim and Mr McMillan expressed their horror at this act of evil directed at worshippers as they gathered for prayer inside the mosque. 

“I urge Uniting Church members to join with all people of faith in praying for those who lost their lives, for all those injured and for their families together with the people of Egypt as they come to terms with this act of violence,” Mr McMillan said.

Dr Ibrahim added,“This terrorist attack that targeted innocent and devout worshippers during a time when Muslims were fulfilling their obligatory prayer ritual on Friday, inside a mosque, has undeniably demonstrated that terrorism does not have or belong to a religion.”

“Many people around the world, in particular Muslims, have been victims of terrorism.”

The President expressed the Uniting Church’s solidarity with the Muslim community in Australia, and globally, as they mourn this attack.

Dr Ibrahim and Mr McMillan expressed the hope they share as leaders of faith communities:

“As Muslims and Christians, we share a deep desire and hope for peace in our world. At this time, we call upon and join with people of faith and goodwill everywhere to pray for peace to prevail.”

“We know that hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.”

“The more we see evil and hate perpetrating violence and death, the more we must embrace one another in love.”


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