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Through the National UCA Schools Consultative Group, Assembly Christian Education relates with other national and state-based education bodies. The Assembly supports the development of supportive relationships between church councils, agencies and schools. Craig Mitchell, National Director - formation, Education and Discipleship is the contact foir this area of work.
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The Uniting Church participates in state school chaplaincy and pastoral care worker arrangements across Australia. Many UCA ministers and leaders participate in local management of chaplaincy and pastoral workers, and some UCA congregations also provide financial support for such workers.

A significant number of these workers are appointed with the assistance of government funding. The oversight of such state school chaplaincy differs significantly from state to state, although there has been national co-operation from the various bodies involved in relation to employment, training and oversight standards. Further information can be found here.

Chaplains serve Uniting Church schools through pastoral care, religious education, faith development and spiritual leadership.

The Uniting Church supports and resources chaplaincy in tertiary institutions across Australia.

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The arrangement for religious education (instruction) in state schools varies from state to state. In some cases it is organised by a state-wide body and in others by local groups. Many UCA congregational members are involved in this ministry. The arrangements for religious education in state schools are guided by government policy. Within UCA schools the chaplain or RE co-ordinator usually leads a team of teachers who deliver the curriculum.

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The Uniting Church has a National Education Charter which was adopted in 2002 and remians current.

There are some 48 schools across Australia which are affiliated to the UCA. They serve over 50,000 students and 2000 and provide high quality education in a Christian context. The links below provide information on the schools in each state.

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Chaplaincy Discussion Paper

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