Affiliate Groups

The Uniting Church in Australia has an extensive associations with other major Christian organisations throughout the world.

World Council of Churches

wcclogoAbout 590 million Christians are represented through 349 member churches in more than 120 countries and territories throughout the world. The WCC website provides information and documents relating to faith and order, mission and evangelism and justice, peace and creation.

Christian Conference of Asia

ccalogotnAbout 55 million Christians are represented through 95 member churches and 17 member councils in 17 countries. Go to the CCA website.

World Communion of Reformed Churches

WCRCsymbol_goldAbout 80 million Christians are represented through 230 churches. Most of these churches live and witness in the Southern Hemisphere; many are religious minorities in their countries. The World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC) was formed in 2010 through the joining of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches with the Reformed Ecumenical Council. The WCRC website provides information on the history, structure and activities of the WCRC.

World Methodist Council

wmclogotnAbout 40 million Christians are represented through 76 churches, of which 59 are members of the WCC. The Chinese Methodist Church in Australia is also a member of the WMC. Go to the WMC website.

National Council of Churches in Australia

nccalogotnThe NCCA is a council of 17 Australian Churches. The NCCA works through networks and working groups ans well as three Commissions: Christian World Service; National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Ecumenical Commission; Faith and Unity Commission. The NCCA website provides information on Faith and Unity, the NATSIEC, CWS and social justice issues.