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  • There are vibrant, life changing ministries to youth and young adults in local Uniting Churches all across Australia.

    Presbyteries, Synods and the Assembly can have dynamic parts to play in the faith formation of young people too. The Assembly cheers on the discipleship development of youth and young adults through supporting


    • NYALC: National Young Adult Leaders Conferences
    • NYCC: National Youth and Children’s Coalition where Synod specialists from across Australia swap ideas for ministry to young people and families and collaborate on joint projects.
    • About F.A.C.E.s (Faith and Cultural Exchanges with indigenous people);
    • National In Service Training for ministry workers with children, families, youth and young adults
    • Opportunities provided by Uniting World
    • The FED Events Group – Formation, Education and Discipleship Youth Events, and the FED Working Group who oversee national youth and young adult events.
    • And through the work of The National Faith Development Consultant (Youth and Young Adults)


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