Many F.A.C.E.s of the UCA Youth

FACES = Faith and Cultural Exchanges

About FACE

About FACE is an activity of the Assembly and is a unique opportunity to live alongside Aboriginal communities connected to Congress (Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress), make life long friends, do some faith centred soul-searching and have some serious fun.

It involves some cultural sensitivity training together first, then some time being hosted by various indigenous communities in different parts of Australia, in small groups; and then some time back together as a whole group to reflect on what you learned, how you grew, and how you might help your back home communities to engage with indigenous people and issues.

For more infromation go the the About FACE website here


Are you or your youth/ young adult/ church tribe involved in Stepping Stone events working towards reconciliation; harmony events; mission trips; partnerships; service adventures with people from other cultures or subcultures.

Or maybe you are setting up welcoming places for new migrants or refugees, sharing faith stories with people of different religions, supporting over seas aid efforts, mixing it up in any way at all? `

Stepping Stone Events are the smaller siblings of About FACE. They share the About FACE programs goals of giving people positive experiences with indigenous people to build relationships and understanding and reconciliation. They are stepping stones towards healing, growth, discipleship development and may also prepare people to want to go deeper and attend an About FACE program.

If you are running a gathering with indigenous people, we’d love to let others know about it so that they might use your idea and build similar Stepping Stone Events in their area. Please send stories and photos to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.