Bible Action

The Bible is a wild book! It’s full of mayhem and miracles. It shows the good, the bad and the ugly side of human nature and how God interacts with it all. Ultimately, it’s all about God trying to win us over with his love.

But God is mysterious. How can we get a handle on God?

The Bible’s answer to that is Jesus. Jesus is God who came to us with skin on. This is where the Bible reaches it’s peak – in the gospel stories about Jesus. If you know Jesus, you will know God.

But how can I get to know Jesus?

By reading the gospels in the Bible, and the letters after them that talk about Jesus. By praying to him. By asking others who know him to tell you about Jesus.

But the Bible is hard to read and it is huge? Where do I start? How do I make sense of it?

Check out this booklet. Bible Action: Getting Amongst It! I reckon it will help. Ask mentors who read the Bible to help you out with it too.